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"We not only train but also prepare you for your future professional career"

Studying and Working are two different aspects. There has to be appropriate blend of both academic and core skills developed within you in order to present yourself as valuable candidate for any companies. Companies like to hire those students who not only have programming concept but also a set of skills which are required for their companies. If you have core programming concept, we will provide your core skills & prepare you for your future endeavors.

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We have covered iOS Application and Game Development along with Android Application and Game Development Courses.

GS-IOSB: iOS Development using Swift – Beginner Level

This course aims to develop students's skill in Swift Programming Language
It will also give overview of using Xcode and basics of iOS Programming

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GS-ANDM: Android App Development – Master Level

This course aims to develop student's skill in Android SDK to create cool Android Applications. It will explore the ADT to give students overview of Basic Android Programming from Beginner to Pro Level.

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GS-ANDJ: OOP using Java for Beginning Android

This course aims to develop Java Programming Concept and Knowledge to Pursue Android App Development.

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GS-IOSM: iOS Development using Swift – Master Level

This course aims to develop student's skill in iOS SDK to create cool iOS Applications
It will explore the SDK elements to create iOS Applications using Swift Programming Language

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GS-ANDB: Android Application Development – Beginner Level

This course aims to develop student's skill in Android SDK to create cool Android Applications. It will explore the Android SDKs to give students overview of Android Programming in Beginner Level.

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We have been involved in Software Development for long run from Web to Mobile. These are the few glimpses of our latest work.


We will be blogging frequently with new happenings and gossips on Mobile World along with tutorials, tips and tricks on Mobile Dev.

  • Why should you learn Unity3D if you are thinking for Game Development?

    Game development has always been passion for most of the programmers who grew playing video games. Everyone who were game addict before and now a programmer has at least once thought that one day they would also create a game. In this post, I am going to write my game development experience from past 6 […]

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  • Ncell App Camp 2015 – Indie Game Developers Won $ 7500 in prize as Seed Fund

    What is Ncell App Camp? Recently Ncell App Camp 2015, has been successfully accomplished in Kathmandu, Nepal. Ncell App Camp is a yearly competition held in Kathmandu organized by Ncell Carrier, where various mobile apps and games developer can participate with their next big idea, go through series of coaching and mentor sessions and then […]

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  • Mobile app and game development as career?

    Whenever students visit in our company for learning new technology on Mobile App and Game Development field, they always have few questions in common. And they want help on taking decision for pursuing their career as Mobile app or Game developer. Below are some common questions that we have came across which we would like to summarize. […]

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  • Should I study Bachelor in Computer Engineering or IT like B.Sc. CSIT etc?

    Last week our company, GAME STUDIOS, participated in 9th ECAN Education Fair held in Brikuti Mandap from July 2nd to 5th 2015. We participated in the Event to enlighten fresh student about current evolving software technologies. We being mobile Apps and Game development company, gave insights about latest mobile app and game development technologies which would help each students […]

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  • Happie Bird and Nepal Earthquake 2015

    We have recently released “Happie Bird” game in the Apple Store. I planned to release the game in the moment of joy to bring happiness on everyone. But things doesn’t work as expected. On 25th April 2015, Nepal was shooked by 7.8 Magnitude of Earthquake making Barpak Village of Gorkha District epicenter. The earthquake was sudden and came […]

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  • Why should one Learn UI & UX Designing for Mobile?

    Design is a rather broad and vague term. When someone says “I am a designer” it is not immediately clear what they actually do they do. Let’s all be clear with the term User Interface and User Experience. It will eventually make you’re clear on designing those aspects as well. User Interface (UI) Designer UI  is a […]

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  • Mobile App Marketing: Why and How?

    So, you have developed a mobile application which you think is great. Developers always have that tendency to be overwhelmed by their product and love it as if it were their kid. Well, that’s great but it does not always work, at least it does not do any good while you are selling your product […]

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  • Should I migrate to “Android Studio”?

    Android Studio is the new official development environment for Android application. It is based on IntelliJ IDEA, currently most preferred java IDE developed by JetBrains. Google selected it as the basis for Android Studio because of its many advantages over eclipse as discussed in its developer’s website which can be summarized below: Powerful Code Editing […]

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  • Ncell announces “Ncell App Sansar”, new Mobile App store.

    Ncell announces the publishing play store for mobile Apps in Nepal called “Ncell App Sansar” in the Ncell App Camp Prize Distribution Event in Jan 19, 2014. The event was followed by the Ncell App Camp Prize Distribution ceremony along with presentation session about the “Ncell App Sansar”. In the event, the winners and participation teams […]

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  • Learn iOS and Android Development in Nepal

    I am Rajan Maharjan, Founder, Senior iOS App and Game Developer @ GAME Studios with expertise on core mobile app and game development technologies. I have been in mobile programming since 2010. In this post I am going to write about the career opportunities as mobile developer and share few of my experiences which will […]

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